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At the Bank of Ann Arbor, we are ready and willing to meet your customer needs. If the party you are looking for does not have a direct phone number, please contact our receptionist at 734-662-1600, and ask for the individual or department you need to speak with.

For your protection, please do not send any personal or confidential information (i.e. Social Security Number, Account Number, Date of Birth, etc.) in any email messages through any of the links below. If you send email to us, we may retain the contents of your email message, your email address, and our response.

To report a lost or stolen Bank of Ann Arbor:
  • Visa Debit Card or ATM card, call 1-800-528-2273
  • Personal Visa credit card or Business credit card, call 1-800-423-7503

CheckFree Customer Care: 1-800-877-8021

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Aaron Reeder
Vice President & Commercial Loan Officer
Office: 734-414-1922

Alan Yost
Technical Analyst & Webmaster
Office: 734-662-1600

Alexandra Davies
Commercial Loan Documentation Specialist
Office: 734-662-1600

Barb Morrison
Vice President
Office: 734-414-6003

Bella Fernandez
Assistant Vice President & Accounting Officer
Office: 734-327-1415

BJ Randall
Senior Credit Analyst
Office: 734-662-1600

Vice President & Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 734-327-4402
Cell Phone: 734-904-0909
NMLS ID: 732531

Senior Vice President & Investment Officer
Office: 734-327-1420

Charles Cracraft
Vice President & Mortgage Sales Manager
Office: 734-327-0041
NMLS ID: 532149

Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer
Office: 734-327-1423

Cheryl Webb
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-414-1929

Chris Tefft
Electronic Banking Analyst
Office: 734-327-0225

Vice President, Cash Management
Office: 734-327-0054

Cindy Livesay
First Vice President, Credit Administration
Office: 734-327-1137

Cindy Andro
Controller, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4211

Cyndi Shaeffer
BSA, Security, Compliance Administrative Officer
Office: 734-761-9237

Damon Cappelli
Senior Credit Analyst
Office: 734-327-4375

Dan Rose
Trust Operations Specialist
Office: 734-327-4312

David Guenther
Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
Office: 734-414-1921

Ypsilanti Branch Manager
Office: 734-327-4357
NMLS ID: 797870

Dawn Prescott
Senior Vice President, Managed Assets Officer
Office: 734-761-9964

Debbie Kadwell
Senior Loan Operations Specialist
Office: 734-327-1138

Vice President & Business Development Officer
Office: 734-327-1139

Vice President & Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 734-414-6019
Cell Phone: 734-890-4578
NMLS ID: 563773

Ellsworth Office Senior Branch Manager & Health Savings Account Specialist
Office: 734-327-0103
NMLS ID: 758431

Diane Winner, CFP
Vice President & Investment Officer
Office: 734-327-1126

Doug Jones
Relationship Manager, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 616-895-5621

Elissa Robertson
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-470-5001

Ellen Mueterthies
Administrative Manager, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4234

Vice President & Director of Business Development
Office: 734-327-1127

Vice President and Trust Operations Manager
Office: 734-327-1424

Hans Maier
Senior Vice President, Specialty Banking
Office: 734-327-1124

Heather Rhodes
Marketing Assistant
Office: 734-327-1613

Vice President & Portfolio Manager & Business Development Officer
Office: 734-327-1130

James Miller
Vice President & Director of Human Resources
Office: 734-327-1134

James Yape
Senior Technical Analyst
Office: 734-662-1600

James Jankowski
Credit Manager & Asset Manager, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4219

Jane Franklin
Executive Assistant
Office: 734-327-1411

Janice Ortbring
Vice President & Marketing Manager
Office: 734-761-8675

Jeff Stanton
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Office: 734-662-1600

Jeff Koch
Senior Technical Analyst
Office: 734-662-1600

Jennifer Laskey
Senior Bank Operations Specialist
Office: 734-662-1600

Jennifer Ross
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-669-8900

Jesse Petre
IT Project Manager
Office: 734-662-1600

Jessica Fahlgren
Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant
Office: 734-327-1416
NMLS ID: 1004127

Vice President, Commercial Banking
Office: 734-327-0257

Vice President & Main Office Manager
Office: 734-662-1600
NMLS ID: 732533

John Foster
Vice President, Security, Compliance, & BSA Officer
Office: 734-327-1427

Vice President & Commercial Real Estate Loan Manager
Office: 734-327-4370

Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 734-327-0243
NMLS ID: 397221

Karen Nebel
Senior Documentation Specialist
Office: 734-662-1600

Karra Baron
Employee Benefits Assistant
Office: 734-887-7938

Keith Daucher
Senior Trust Operations Specialist
Office: 734-327-4313

Kevin McDonald
Senior Credit Analyst
Office: 734-662-1600

Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 734-327-4411
Cell Phone: 734-417-4964
NMLS ID: 732520

Kevin Kramer
Vice President & Private Banking Officer
Office: 734-414-1925

Relationship Banking & Cash Management Officer
Office: 734-761-9754

Vice President & Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 734-327-1128
Cell Phone: 734-417-6760
NMLS ID: 732528

Trust Associate
Office: 734-327-0233

Vice President & Mortgage Manager
Office: 734-327-1122
Cell Phone: 734-417-7337
NMLS ID: 758430

Kris Mayer
Vice President & Plymouth Branch Manager
Office: 734-414-1927
NMLS ID: 732516

Vice President & Private Banking Officer
Office: 734-327-1135
NMLS ID: 772007

Linda St. Cyr
Accounting Clerk II, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4213

Luanne Woods
Vendor Services Manager, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4226

Lucy Colman
Human Resources Representative
Office: 734-662-1600

Luke Wilson
Credit Analyst 1
Office: 734-327-0025

First Vice President, Trust & Investment Group Manager
Office: 734-327-0138

Mandy Hart
VP Administration & Operations
Office: 734-669-2487

First Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Office: 734-327-1136

Vice President, Technology Industry Group
Office: 734-327-0142

Vice President, Commercial Banking, Stadium Office
Office: 734-327-1421

Mark Skiff
Investment Officer
Office: 734-327-4382

Vice President & Private Banking Officer
Office: 734-761-9828
NMLS ID: 772008

Mary Beth Eagle
Commercial Administrative Assistant
Office: 734-327-0098

Matthew Altruda
Social Media & Event Coordinator
Office: 734-662-1600

Group President, Technology Industry Group
Office: 734-327-4432

Plymouth District President
Office: 734-414-1924

Milan Patel
Asset Specialist, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4218

Vice President & Trust Officer
Office: 734-327-1121

Private Banking Assistant
Office: 734-327-4412

Branch Supervisor
Office: 734-662-3800
NMLS ID: 1004129

Pam Brown
Accounting Officer
Office: 734-761-9381

Pam Wetzel
Credit Administration Officer
Office: 734-327-1129

Pam Blevins
Technical Analyst
Office: 734-662-1600

Pamela Knight
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-662-1600

Senior VP & Private Banking Manager
Office: 734-327-0087
NMLS ID: 1265903

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Office: 734-327-1125
NMLS ID: 732537

Paul Rzepka
Trust Investment Assistant
Office: 734-327-1120

Ricardo Sondakh-Dorantes
Account Specialist, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4228

RJ Grimshaw
President & CEO, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4250

Robert Rose
Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
Office: 734-414-1926

Sandy Beever
Deposit Operations Officer
Office: 734-327-1132

Business Banking Officer
Office: 734-327-4369

Trust Officer
Office: 734-327-0254

Senior Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
Office: 734-414-1938

Shelley Rankin
Saline Branch Manager
Office: 734-470-5002
NMLS ID: 1004128

Senior Vice President & Investment Officer
Office: 734-327-1425

Stacy Johnson
Senior Relationship Banking Officer
Office: 734-327-1417

Stephanie Harrigan
Vice President, Consumer Credit & Compliance
Office: 734-327-0034
NMLS ID: 772009

Senior Vice President & Senior Investment Officer
Office: 734-327-4435

Susan Corney
Accounts Payable
Office: 734-327-0211

Susan Wille
Senior Relationship Banker
Office: 734-414-1930

Susan Wagner
VP, Compliance Officer & Compliance Department Manager
Office: 734-327-4373

Tamar Jones
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-662-1600

Teresa Burnham
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-662-1600

Thomas Conzelmann
CFO & Treasurer, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4203

President & CEO
Office: 734-662-1600

Tim Gretkierewicz
Senior Vice President & Loan Group Manager
Office: 734.662.2632

Todd Tilton
Accountant, UniFi Equipment Finance
Office: 734-794-4201

First Vice President & Senior Trust Officer
Office: 734-327-4334

Toni Bright
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-662-1600

Trina VanNest
Vice President & Credit Manager
Office: 734-761-9361

Valerie Latnie
Relationship Banker
Office: 734-822-1900

Saline District President
Office: 734-327-1410

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