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Visa® Gift Card

The Bank of Ann Arbor VISA Gift card is the one gift that's ideal for everyone on your list. You decide the amount, and the recipient decides where to use it. It's a bright idea when you need a sure-to-please gift.
  • Welcome at millions of places that accept Visa debit cards, including retail stores and online merchants.
  • Provides peace of mind unlike cash, it can be replaced if lost or stolen (see terms and conditions relating to card replacement)
  • Comes in any amount from $10 to $500
  • Gives anyone the gift of choice
  • Low processing fee

VISA Gift cards can be purchased in any Bank of Ann Arbor lobby. Cards may be purchased with cash of from funds in a Bank of Ann Arbor account only.

Purchase Visa Gift cards at any Bank of Ann Arbor office with cash or from funds in a Bank of Ann Arbor account only.

5 Easy Tips for using a Bank of Ann Arbor Visa Gift Card

  1. Know your balance
    Some merchants cannot determine the balance on the card. When you make a purchase, record it and deduct the amount from the balance immediately. To also avoid declines, you can check balances by or by calling the number on the back of the card (1-866-586-4438).

  2. Split Payment
    If there is not enough value on the card to pay for a purchase, you can pay the difference with a second form of payment, such as a credit or debit card, cash or check. Let the cashier know how much you will pay with each type of payment.

  3. Special Transactions
    Restaurants may place a "hold" on an estimated amount on your account to ensure you have enough funds to cover the actual bill.
    • Gas Stations: Paying at the pump may cause a hold of up to $50; consider paying inside and signing the receipt.
    • Restaurants: When paying a restaurant tab, keep in mind that you may need to have enough for the dining bill and a 15-20% tip for the transaction to be approved.
    • Hotels: After check-out, the "hold" on the card may take a few days to be removed.

  4. Returning a Purchase
    You may need to present your Visa Gift card when you return the merchandise. Remember to save your purchase receipt and the card even after you have spent the funds on the card in case there are returns. The amount of the return will be credited back to the card typically within three to seven days.

  5. Purchase Declines
    Make sure you have sufficient funds on the card for the full value of the purchase including tip. If your purchase is declined even though the card has sufficient funds, call 1-866-586-4438.
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