Cash Management Services

Cash Management products and services are ideal for businesses with more sophisticated and technology based banking needs.

A relationship-based checking account for businesses with sophisticated banking needs.

  • No minimum balance requirement.
  • No transaction limitations.
  • Fee Analysis. All fees, including those for specific cash management services, are eligible for offset by an earning credit. The earnings credit is calculated using the average monthly balance and the Earnings Credit Rate.

The use of the ACH payment system continues to increase due to its security and efficiency in transferring funds between businesses. Payments can be made as quickly as same day. Businesses can utilize the ACH payment system for paying vendors, collecting reoccurring payments such as dues and monthly donations, employee expense reimbursement and many other types of payments. Many businesses utilize ACH for direct deposit of payroll.

We offer courier pick-up of cash deposits. Courier fees are based on the number of pick-ups. Courier service is available 9:30am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Deposit checks electronically from the office with our remote deposit capture system. EasyDeposit, our remote deposit capture system, utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your computer and the Internet. You can scan checks received from customers and send deposits electronically to Bank of Ann Arbor anytime day or night.

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Lockbox will help your business simplify the collection and processing of account receivables. Your customers will send their payments to a PO Box. The bank will collect and process these payments directly and deposit them to your account. Your deposits are then available for viewing via a web portal. Lockbox services are typically used by businesses that receive a high volume of payments from numerous customers.

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool. Check Positive Pay verifies the account number, check number, payee, and dollar amount of each check presented for payment, against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the company. All components of the check must match exactly or it will not pay. ACH Positive Pay verifies ACH transactions by filtering and/or blocking ACH payments.

A separate checking account in which a balance of zero is maintained by automatically transferring funds from the business' master account in an amount only large enough to cover checks presented. It is used to eliminate excess balances in multiple accounts and to maintain control over disbursements.

We give out approximately 1,000 green apples every month at our branches.

We give out approximately 1,000 green apples every month at our branches