Our Approach

Highly Disciplined

Bank of Ann Arbor's steady asset growth is a testament to the success of our core beliefs and the deep relationships that we have built with our clients. We customize our team approach to meet your needs and risk tolerances. Our experienced staff is extremely well-versed in bringing solid tactical asset allocation and a total return approach to a variety of portfolio needs. We will structure your portfolio to achieve a competitive rate of total return with an acceptable level of risk, while meeting your cash flow needs.

Personal Attention

Through face-to-face meetings with local investment managers, we will consistently communicate your portfolio's performance and keep you informed of opportunities. One of the most important decisions regarding portfolio management is asset allocation. Proper asset allocation is the primary ingredient to portfolio returns and the preservation of capital. We will work closely with you to customize an asset allocation strategy based on your needs. Together, we will develop a plan consistent with your circumstances, cash flow requirements, and tax situation.

Global Access to Investment Choices

We have access to a broad range of investment options, including no-load and institutional priced mutual funds. From cash management to fixed income and equities, we offer solutions and strategies to accomplish your long-term objectives.

Fee-Based Service

Our focus is on delivering a professional service, rather than selling a product. We do not charge commission and fees are collected using a percentage-based program based on your level of assets; therefore, our success is dependent on your success.

Coordinated Investment Activity

We will gladly work with your team of professionals to consider any impact on your financial goals.

Our Resources

We believe that your portfolio deserves the best, and that includes access to the very best research of major investment firms. Our managers use world-class information to perform detailed, fundamental and technical analyses on investment choices to provide you with Wall Street insight, right here at home.

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American Banker named us 31st best bank to work for out of 6,000 U.S. banks in 2017.

American Banker named us 31st best bank to work for out of 6,000 U.S. banks in 2017