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Our Approach

You work hard to accumulate wealth for family needs, retirement, the transfer to loved ones, and other obligations. However, the effort to accumulate wealth in today's demanding environment often leaves you little time or expertise to accomplish this. The experienced money managers at Bank of Ann Arbor are ready to help you with professional investment management services utilizing a broad range of asset classes and investment styles.

Highly Disciplined. Our investment management approach is to provide a global perspective in balanced asset allocation strategies and individual stock and bond selection. Our experienced staff is extremely well-versed in bringing solid tactical asset allocation and a total return approach to a variety of client's portfolio needs.

We provide hands-on tailored portfolio management. We will structure your portfolio to achieve a competitive rate of total return with an acceptable level of risk, while meeting your cash flow needs. Attaining long-term investment goals and superior performance is achieved by adhering to investment guidelines and objectives, consistently applying a proven and disciplined investment process, focusing on investments that offer relative value, and avoiding unnecessary risk.

Personal Attention. At Bank of Ann Arbor you can expect face-to-face meetings with our local investment managers to keep you informed of market dynamics and your portfolio's performance. Proper asset allocation and sector weightings are the primary ingredients for solid and consistent portfolio returns and in the preservation of capital. Our Managers will work closely with you to customize a strategy fitting your individual circumstances, tolerance for risk and need for cash flow.

Global Access to Investment Choices. We have access to a broad range of investment options, including no-load and institutional priced mutual funds. From cash management, fixed income and equities to alternative investments, we offer solutions and strategies to accomplish your long-term objectives.

Fee-Based Service. Our Trust and Investment Management team focuses on delivering a professional service rather than selling a product. We charge our clients a set fee and do not collect commissions. Savvy investors who want cost-effective solutions from a service-oriented advisor value our objective approach.

Coordinated Investment Activity. We will gladly work with your team of professionals to consider any impact on your financial goals.
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